Privacy Policy

This privacy policy provides information on when and why it is necessary to to collect personal information, how it is used, and the limited conditions under which it will be disclosed to others, as well as confirmation that it will be kept securely.

Types of data that is collected:

  • Contact details – telephone number, date of birth, email address and home address
  • Sensitive personal information – details of why an individual is requesting support, any specific conditions, any past support, assessment data, and notes written during and after support or informal assessment sessions, or after other contact with the client.
  • Dates of meetings held with the client, and the start and end dates of when any programmes were carried out.

Why this information is collected:

The information above is collected in order to plan and provide specialist support that is targeted to an individual’s needs.  It shall not be used for any other purpose.

How is information shared with others:

Information collected about a client will not be shared with any other  person unless consent is given by the client.  This restriction does not apply to any use or disclosure which we in our absolute discretion consider necessary or advisable in order to prevent illegal acts or harm to you or to others. 

Length of time information is stored:

The GDPR states that data retention should be “adequate, relevant and not excessive”.  When the client terminates a contract with All Wellness and Good, a secure record will be kept of the following information:

  • Client’s name, date of birth, start date of sessions, end date of sessions, number of sessions completed.
  • Main presenting issues and informal assessment findings
  • Any specific interventions

These will be kept for 7 years from the date of the final session.

Access to your personal information:

You are entitled to view, amend or delete the personal information All wellness and Good holds.

Email your request to [email protected]