Kathryn Lucas

Registered Nutritional Therapy practitioner based in Loxwood, West Sussex. I provide tailored nutrition advice to meet your personal situation and requirements.

I can help you build a positive relationship with food and your body. I steer clear of faddy diets, calorie counting and unrealistic expectations, instead focusing on wholefoods and general wellbeing. This means no food is off limits and I can provide recipes/cooking classes if required.

About Me

I have a love for food nurtured through generations of family cooks. I love to cook, try out new recipes and create meals from scratch, for my family. With four children it’s important to plan, stick to a budget and not waste food, whilst ensuring the family enjoys tasty, nutritious and satisfying food. My preference is wholefoods that can be easily sourced, sustainable and local when possible.

Initially I studied a Diploma in Childcare and Education and IAIM Baby Massage after my first child, from there developing an interest in natural ways to boost immunity, improve and maintain my families health.

When my youngest child started school I had the opportunity to study Nutrition. My goal is to work with clients to improve and maintain their health and wellbeing through nutrition, with a food-first approach. We can all appreciate the power of good food.

Naturopathic nutrition

considers all aspects of a person’s health and wellness, recognising that individuals have unique interactions with nutrients. A consultation will address the individual’s physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing, whilst focusing on balanced nutrition based on organic whole foods.

Functional medicine

focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease. A healthy life is not just the absence of disease but a positive vitality filled with energy, joy and balance. Functional medicine considers disease to be the downstream effects from an upstream mechanism. This approach has been shown to have profound and longer lasting results.


Personalised nutrition plans

I offer one-to-one nutritional therapy consultations, where we meet in a relaxed, friendly and comfortable environment. I like to start the process with a free informal chat to see if I can offer you the help you need and to see if I am the professional you are looking for. I offer personalised advice on a wide range of conditions, including bloating, constipation, intolerance, menopause, fatigue and weight loss. Within the sessions, I will give you a personalised insight into your body and its functions to help reveal on-going health issues and their potential causes. 

All consultations will be followed up with an email containing your achievable plan, focusing on a food first approach, supported by supplements (if required) with an option to add on testing if needed.

Initial consultation

from £150 

A 2 hour appointment to assess your medical history and current dietary habits.  Includes a tailored nutrition plan, supplement recommendations (if required) and practical evidence-based advice. Plenty of time to ask questions and to set goals. I will send you a summary of our consultations and goals after the appointment.  One 60 minute follow-up appointment is included in the price of the initial consultation.

Followup consultation £55

To review your current plan and make changes accordingly. Time to address any questions or concerns, and to feedback about your experiences. Includes a tailored nutrition plan, supplement recommendations (if required) and practical advice.

Quick Diet Checker £45

A one off, 45 minute appointment to look at your current food habits and a quick nutrition plan to suggest changes that would be beneficial.


Let me know how I can help you.

Just add a quick message with your enquiry below and I’ll be in touch!

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